For movie enthusiasts the pinnacle of their life is when they have an opportunity to set up their own theater at home. What can be better than watching your favorite movies in the comfort of your own home, with the biggest screen you can afford and with the best sound system you can dream of?

Many people however do not even know where to begin when it comes to setting up a home entertainment system. This piece will help you learn how and where to get started so that you can build the home theater of your dreams.

Home theater

Location or Room?

The very first step you need to do before even thinking about what size screen you want or even what speakers you want to use is to figure out which room you are going to convert into your home theater. Keep in mind that this room is going to be used primarily for family fun night, movie night, watching TV and all around relaxing so having the home theater in a room of its own is essential.

Typically a family room or even a spare bedroom is the way to go. Always remember to make sure that your dream entertainment system will fit into this room and make sure that you can fit everything else that you want into this room too.

Screen Size

The next thing that you should do is figure out what size TV screen or multimedia screen that you want. Of course that will all depend on your own personal taste. Some people may be satisfied with a 45 in flat screen while others may want to go all out and buy themselves a projector and screen.

Again this will all depend on your own personal taste. Along with the screen size you will need to keep in mind of the viewing distance you will need.

Obviously you do not want to have the screen too close that you and your guests will have to crane their necks to look at the screen. The viewing distance will all depend on the size of the overall screen. For example, if you have a 52 inch screen, it is recommended that you place the screen 7 feet away from the actual viewing area where everyone will be sitting.

You can easily judge this yourself and gauge the perfect viewing distance for you based on your personal tastes and personal preferences. This is a consideration that many people do not make and it can literally ruin the whole setup if not done correctly.

Which Sound System?

The last step you need to follow is actually picking your sound system. Again go with your personal tastes and preferences. Also keep in mind when you are going to primarily use these speakers for. Will you be using them to watch movies frequently? Will you bother your neighbors with the sound? You must choose carefully and it is full recommended that you do plenty of research before spending any money so that you understand exactly what components you actually need and how they work in your own home.

Having your own home theater and a space where you can entertain your family and friends with movies, games or TV can be very rewarding (and ultimately make you very popular!).  Take the time to learn about what you are trying to achieve and purchase the best quality equipment possible for your budget. The reward is worth the initial effort.

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  1. Nice little intro article. It’s really a mine field starting a home cinema project.

    When I started mine I was sure I would stay in budget and on time, but neither happened.

    I would recommend spending more time reading and researching everything upfront before spending a dime. I regret jumping in head first without knowing my stuff properly. I would have saved loads of money and a lot of frustration when my initial hardware selections did not work out as expected.

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